Lexus Unveils the Concept of a Hydrogen-Powered ROV

The Japanese Automaker Lexus has unveiled a new concept of a recreational off-road vehicle (ROV) fueled by hydrogen. The brand claims that the ROV concept or recreational off-road vehicle generates net-zero emissions through its use of hydrogen instead of petrol or diesel. So, let’s delve in to the  article to know further about Lexus ROV concept.

Everything About Lexus ROV Concept

The Lexus ROV has a distinctive design that includes exposed suspension, a safety cage, massive off-road tires that is capable of overcoming muddy terrain. The lightweight body and suspension of ROV have been designed to provide both comfort and off-roading. A fitted front fender will protect the driver from mud and stray rocks on the path. Well, the rough appearance of the Lexus ROV is compensated by the dark bronze body. Moreover, the new entrant sports the’ L’ symbol on both front and rear lights and Lexus badging on the rear side.

The Lexus ROV incorporate features like a leather steering wheel, sculpted shift Knob, leather seats with suspension elements that smooth bumps out of the ride. Additionally, the ROV has a simple meter to showcase the required information while the driver is busy driving. In terms of dimension, the Lexus ROV measures 3,120 mm in length, 1,720 mm in width and 1,800mm in height.

The Lexus ROV is powered by a 1.0-litre hydrogen engine. The engine works well with a high pressure compressed hydrogen tank and a direct hydrogen injector. The hydrogen engine of the ROV is emission-free and burns a negligible amount of engine oil while driving.

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