Huawei Unveils AR HUD Technology To Transform  Windshield Into A Smart Screen

Chinese tech giant, Huawei unveils its latest technology named AR HUD technology, dedicated to electric vehicles at the Munich International Automobile conference in Germany. AR HUD technology is an augmented reality-based system that can turn the entire windshield into an intelligent screen with contents presented on the glass.

Huawei has built the AR HUD technology in the lower area behind the steering wheel of the car. The system offers a large viewing angle of 13°×5°. It means a maximum area of 70 inches in which information can be displayed or can cover about 7.5 meters in the front. The new technology provides navigation information like route distance, the number of lines on the upcoming road, the average distance to the vehicle in the front and weather conditions, etc. Moreover, the technology also helps the customers by providing night vision or assistive vision in times of low light, heavy rain, or fog conditions. Another interesting feature added by the AR HUD technology is the three-dimensional map system that offers information like parking lots, restaurants, shops, and gas stations in real-time.

The front window of the car will display speed and other visual alerts. It looks like the replica of the HUD feature embodied in military aircraft where crucial information is displayed in the front of the pilot. Huawei seems to adopt the same augmented reality-based technology to provide a similar experience to the next generation of automobiles

The AR HUD technology will also feature a 1080 P FHD display without interrupting optical vision that is often complained about the regular HUD technology. It means you can display information on the display even on sunny days without suffering problems like low resolution, low contrast, and imperfection in image presentation. The Huawei AR HUD technology ensures the safety of the driver as well as passengers. 

We have to wait patiently for the adoption of the system by car manufacturers to see its further features and capabilities.

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