Everything About HSRP & Colour-coded Stickers In Delhi

The high-security registration plate (HSRP) is now mandatory in Delhi and that means you guys required to have this particular number plate on your vehicle to run the vehicle on the roads of Delhi. Along with the high security registration plate, the Government of Delhi is also asking users of the vehicles to stick colour-coded sticker which will help to identify the fuel type. So in this article, we will share the complete details of the new rule and the way to book a new number plate along with the colour-coded sticker. So without making any further delay let’s dive into the article.

All about HSRP and colour-coded sticker

The high-security registration plate (HSRP) along with the colour-coded sticker will help the officials to identify the engine as well as the fuel type of your vehicle. If you guys don’t follow the guidelines and avoid sticking and making sure that your number plate is having the required identification mark then you will be fined and that is very heavy as the fine ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000.

Speaking about the high security registration plate, it will come with a similar font design and the same will also have a blue coloured Ashoka Chakra on the left side. It will look like the current version of the number plate for the private vehicles and that means white background with black numbers.

The HSRP number plates will be fixed with the help of the non-removable snap-on locks and the same is very difficult to remove. Having said that, all the vehicles are not required to purchase the new number plate because your vehicle may already have this particular number plate that can be identified by checking the laser number on the number plate of your vehicle. If there is the number, then you just required to buy the colour-coded sticker.

Now coming to the colour coded stickers, and that is actually the holograms and the same will be fixed inside the windscreen of a car. The stickers will be available in different colours and the vehicles which runs on the power of the diesel will have a sticker with an orange colour background while the vehicles which running on The vehicles on the old BS-III and BS-IV fuel will come with a blue coloured sticker. That said, the petrol and the CNG vehicles which are running on the new BS-VI engine will have a sticker with a blue background and a green strip.

How to apply HSRP and colour coded sticker?

Step 1: You guys need to log on to bookmyhsrp.com

Step 2: Then click on the – High Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker option. And if your vehicle already got the number plate with the high security registration then you just need to purchase the colour sticker and that can access from the second option on the website.

Step 3: Then you will get a Form, you need to fill all the details. The laser number can be found on your number plate and the other details will be available on your RC.

Step 4: Select the state of registration

Step 5: Then you need to provide your communication address.

Step 6: Now book an appointment

Step 7: Now you guys can able to select your preferred choice if you want to get the sticker and the new number plate at your doorstep then you need to select that option and it will cost additional amount.

Step 8: Now choose your preferred date and time according to the available slots.

Step 9: Now you need to make the payment online.

Step 10: After completing the payment process you will get a receipt which can be printed or you can save it as PDF.

It is mandatory to complete this formality before the brand new year and if you got the appointment after January 1 2021 then you just show the receipt to the traffic police to avoid the heavy fine.

So book your sticker as well as the number plate and we recommend you to stay tuned with us for more interesting information from the world of automobiles at your fingertips.

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