Tesla Launches Advanced Driver Assistance Software Subscription Service

Tesla offers the customers an option to subscribe to its advanced driver assistance software which is marked as Full Self Driving Capability.
Tesla has officially launched its full self-driving subscription package for $199 per month. The service is available for Tesla Vehicles with a Full Self-driving computer 3.0 or above. It costs $99 per month for vehicles with Basic Autopilot or $199 per month for Vehicles with Enhanced Autopilot. The older version FSD computer needs to be upgraded to 3.0 with a cost of $1,500.

The EV makers have already stated that subscription services will expand the customers base for expensive features such as highway lane changes and parking assistance. The subscription service will also help in generating the company’s recurring revenue. Tesla also points out the fact that the updated features do not make the vehicle completely autonomous instead it requires a fully attentive driver who keeps his hands on the wheel.
FSD updates are currently available to eligible automobiles in the US. Tesla requests the customers to follow the Tesla app for further updates on its availability in different areas.

Tesla recently update Full Self driving Beta V9 software that uses Tesla vision for certain users. The latest software update is currently being tested on 2,000 vehicles through early access program.

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