Pros And Cons Of Ceramic Coating

Keeping the vehicle new and fresh is the dream of every user, and to look like a brand new vehicle, we do various things such as daily washing, regular servicing along with many other steps like polishing and more. However, Ceramic Coating is something very popular among the vehicle owners and that helps the vehicle to look fresh as well as brand new. Having said that, the ceramic coating is not new stuff and we already familiar with the same but there are few users who still confused with the same. Well, today I will explain the pros and cons of ceramic coating. So, without making any further delay let’s get into the article and check out the complete details.

What is Ceramic Coating

If you are someone who is unaware of the ceramic coating then it is a clear coat and that includes a liquid polymer when you apply a ceramic coating on your vehicle that polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paint. Once the coating applies to the vehicle it automatically removes the unwanted spots and makes the vehicle just like a factory product.

Pros and cons of Ceramic Coating

Let’s start with the pros of ceramic coating, it is a layer that will offer a brand new feeling and it can be done on any vehicle whether it is new or old. It actually offers protection on the surface of your car or bike and helps the original paint to don’t get fade away. The same can also protect the most scratch, dirt as well as any other unwanted things which we don’t like to see on the body of a vehicle. Moreover, Ceramic Coating will not create any problem to the original paint and that means with ceramic coating you are adding an additional layer of protection on the surface of your vehicle.

That’s not all, the ceramic coating will also stay longer and the thanks to the chemical bonding, and if you have done the ceramic coating on your vehicle then it also enables easy to clean. The body of the vehicle will be smooth and it means you can clean the vehicle with the simple as wiper using a clean cloth and no need to give extra efforts for the wash.

The process may cost high than the regular things but it is affordable when you look for a long term, as once you have done it you never need to bother about the look of your vehicle. It is worth to mention that it can be applied to both the cars as well as bikes.

Now talking about the cons of ceramic coating, the first point would be pricing and as I already mentioned, it would be very high but when you calculate it for a long time you will not feel it very costly. Secondly, it takes a lot of time to done correctly as well as professionally, you need to give your vehicle to the technician for a couple of days to complete the process.


Ceramic coating is an essential factor for every vehicle, it also helps you to look at your vehicle fresh as well as in new. It does involve a high amount of expenditure but it will be worth for the long term and also offer an additional layer of protection to your vehicle’s surface. I strongly recommend you to go for a ceramic coating for your vehicle and make it new forever.

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