How To Position Driver Seat Properly

A driver makes your journey comfortable but it is more important to have a proper position and comfort for a driver as well. Having said that, to get the maximum comfort you should position driver seat properly and that will allow you to drive the vehicle smoothly without affecting your health and also avoid many unnecessary diseases and pain due to the driving. In this article, I will guide you on the way to position the driver seat properly along with the advantage of the correct position of the seat. So let’s drive into the article.

How to set up the driver seat

To set up the driver seat properly you need to determine various aspects and that includes very small things as well. First of all, you need to check how straight your arms while driving the vehicle and for this, you need to sit back in the seat and try to reach forward. If the heels of the hands can able to touch the top of the steering wheel properly then the seat is in the right position.

Now you must check your foot as if your foot reaches the pedal without any issues and allows you to press both the accelerator as well as the clutch without any issues then you are sitting in the correct position. Another important thing is your knee, if your knee is hitting the steering wheel then you need to adjust the seat because it is not in the proper position.

Having said that, if you are facing problems even after adjusting the seat then you must try adjusting the steering wheel, as your vehicle allowed you to adjust the steering wheel according to your comfort. It is worth mentioning that some cars offer electric adjustment while some feature manual adjustment.

Height is another most important factor, you must need to adjust the driver seat according to your height. You need to increase or decrease the height of the seat until it may block from viewing the rear window as well as the mirror. That said, if you are an owner of a manual car then you must need to reach the gearstick quickly.

Now the handrest is one of the most important and recommended stuff in a vehicle, but many people remove it completely and say that it disturbs while riding. However, you should not remove the same because it helps you while unwanted incidents happen. You can able to up and down the same to adjust according to your comfort.

Next up, you must see the gauges and dials properly and if you are able to see them properly then you are sitting in the right driver seat position. Finally, if everything is perfect and you are sitting in the right position then you need to wear the seat belt and that must be done at the end of the complete procedure described above.

I hope that this guide will help you and make your riding more comfortable. You are recommended to browse the AutoBugg for more tips and tricks. You can follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to get the notifications instantly.


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