BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter Showcased In India

BMW has officially showcased its upcoming BMW CE 04 electric scooter in the Indian market and the same will be official next year. We can able to see the complete designing setup and we also have a pretty decent amount of information about the upcoming electric scooter as well. So let’s dive into the article to check out the complete details.

Everything about BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter

The upcoming BMW CE 04 is an ultra-premium electric scooter and the same is featuring a maxi-style futuristic look. The upcoming electric scooter is having an electronically limited top speed of 120km/h and a range of 130km on a single charge.

It is also revealed that the BMW CE 04 is capable to accelerate from 0-50km/h in just 2.6 seconds and the electric scooter features a couple of charging options. You can use a 2.3kW charger to fully charge in less than 4.5 hours or a 6.9kW charger in just 1.67 hours.

The BMW CE 04 features LED lighting, a sustainability-focused powertrain, and sci-fi-inspired styling cues. The electric scooter is also featuring floating panels, minimalist graphics, an exposed rear wheel, and contrasting orange highlights. It is coming with the power of the 20hp liquid-cooled PMSM electric motor and an 8.9kWh battery pack.

It is also revealed that the upcoming BMW electric scooter is featuring dual 265mm front discs and a single rear disc. The vehicle is also coming with ABS and traction control for enhanced safety.

The electric scooter is also coming with multiple custom accessories and it is also featuring a ventilated mobile charging compartment, a helmet storage compartment, and a large 10.5-inch HD TFT infotainment display.

The infotainment system of the BMW CE 04 electric scooter features split-screen functionality, navigation tools, and other performance metrics.

So let’s wait for the official launching of the same and we recommend you to stay tuned with us for more updates from the world of automobiles at your fingertips.

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