Nitin Gadkeri Suggests That Electric Vehicles Should Be Compulsory

Electric vehicles have been suggested by the union minister as compulsory for all government officials during the launch of the “Go electric” campaign. The Minister of Road Transport and Highways has taken important steps to assure electric mobility in India.

Nitin Gadkari the Transport Minister suggested that people should use electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel vehicles. As per the report of ANI, the Union Minister advised that electric vehicles should be compulsory for all government officials.  He added that he will make e- vehicles compulsory for the officials of his department.

He also commented that awareness should be created about the benefits of electric mobility and EV charging infrastructure in India. He also said that people should be aware of the advantages of electric cooking in India.

Gadkari told ANI that if 10000 vehicles will be brought into use in Delhi then the crores of rupees spent on fuel every month can be saved. He also commented that electric fuel is an alternative to fossil fuels. Fossil fuel has an import bill of ₹ 8 lakh crores.  He also told that electric fuel has low cost, reduce emission and also indigenous when compared to conventional fuels.

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